Spectrum Air Systems
Specialist Air Systems


Spectrum Waste Extraction systems combine a wide variety of in house technologies such as:
Chopping Fans, Trim Cutters, Air/Product Separators, Cyclones, Ductwork systems, Compactors, Baling presses, Briquetters, Shredders and Noise enclosures etc.

Corrugator Plant -  Full turnkey systems available
Heavy duty construction - Systems constructed from both Carbon and Stainless steels
  • Removal of Process Waste at source leading to increased productivity
  • Customised designs to meet individual requirements
  • Energy saving control systems
  • Reduction in running costs by the use of Return Air filtration systems
  • Increased revenue from the recycling of waste products
  • Wide range of UK designed and built equipment including Chopping Fans, Air Separators, Rotary Valves, Air Slides, Filters, Shredders, Balers and Compactors
Printing - Single or twin compactor systems
  • Aerospace; Swarf extraction from production machines
  • Printing; Continuous extraction of edge trims from Guillotines, 3 knife Trimmers and Folders etc
  • Canning; Extraction of can scrap from Cupping Presses and Body makers
  • Paper; High Speed winder (2300m/min) trim extraction
  • Corrugator Plants; Production waste removal from converting machines and high speed Corrugators
  • Envelopes; Continuous extraction and segregation of white/coloured papers
  • Continuous trim extraction from winders, Corrugators, fast moving webs  
  • Metal waste removal from production machines
  • Baling press, Compactors and Briquetters
  • Shredders and Trim Cutters for volume reduction.
  • Production waste removal from converting machines, Bindery lines and Canning lines etc
  • Warm Air Recycling