Spectrum Air Systems
Industrial Vacuum Cleaning


Spectrum Vacuum Cleaning systems combine a wide variety of in house technologies such as:
Multi-stage exhausters, High Vacuum filters, Carbon and Stainless steel conveying lines, high quality cleaning tools, wet and dry swarf collection units etc.

Aerospace Vacuum Cleaning
Centralised large multi-point system
  • Maintain high standards of hygiene and cleanliness
  • Removal of waste at source
  • Clean working environment
  • Customised designs to meet individual requirements
  • Multi-point operator systems (single to 50 points)
  • Energy saving control systems
  • Wet or dry situations
  • Explosive product / dusts handled with ease

Food - Maintain high hygiene standards
  • Aerospace; Swarf extraction at the tool tip
  • Food; cleaning of production machinery
  • Woodworking; on-line removal from cutting chop saws
  • Insulation; packaging machine cleanliness
  • Building; cement, sand spillage removal
  • Pharmaceuticals; house keeping within cleanrooms
  • Chemical; Source control of hazardous dust and fumes
  • Fully centralised with powerful but energy saving systems
  • Mobile and semi-mobile systems
  • Automatic stop start system available to reduce site wiring
  • Automatic valves combined with compressed air tools
  • Large conveying system for spillages
  • Pre-separators for wet applications
  • Carbon or stainless steel construction