Spectrum Air Systems
Industrial Fan


Spectrum Industrial Ventilation systems combine a wide variety of in house technologies such as:
Evaporative cooling, Warm air curtains, Air Handling units, Heat recovery and make up air designs, etc.

Evaporative Cooling - Low cost alterative to Air Condiitoning
Distribution - Textile or Rigid ductwork is available
  • Removal of Heat at source
  • Conditioned working environment
  • Customised designs to meet individual requirements
  • Energy saving control systems
  • Dry or Evaporative cooling options available
  • Improved air quality = Improved production
  • Fully centralised systems available utilising powerful AHU distribution units
Process - Fresh Air Ventilation for printing machines
  • Aerospace; Evaporative Cooling within the work area
  • Food; Cooling of chiller rooms
  • Printing; Humidity control within the process area
  • Corrugated Board: ‘Safe Heaven’ ventilation
  • Compressor rooms; Ventilation and heat recovery
  • Pharmaceuticals; Cleanrooms
  • General; Destratification systems to improve heating efficiencies
  • Warm Air Curtains  
  • Compressor Ventilation inc heat recovery
  • Air Knives for product cooling and drying
  • Evaporative cooling system
  • Rigid and Textile ductwork distribution techniques available
  • Filtered Make-up air systems