Spectrum Air Systems
Specialist Air Systems


Spectrum Dust and Fume systems combine a wide variety of in house technologies such as:
Automatic self cleaning filters, articulated fume extraction arms, Cyclonic separators, Oil mist eliminator units, Carbon filters and Dust suppression systems etc.

Dust - Auto cleaning filter
Centralised dust collection - Fettling operation
  • Increased production through control of the operator working environment
  • Removal of Dust and Fume at source
  • Healthier working environment
  • Customised designs to meet individual requirements
  • Engineered solutions
  • CAD designed extraction hoods
  • Explosive product / dusts handled with ease
  • Helps comply with the Environmental Protection and Pollution Prevention & Control Acts
Fume - Localised removal from production line
  • Corrugated industry; Web cleaning, vacuum transfer dust collection
  • Printing; Ozone extraction from printing presses
  • Canning; on-line Oil Mist removal from can elevators
  • Electronics; Clean Room extraction
  • Building; cement packing lines
  • Paint Industry; VOC removal from mixing vessels
  • Pharmaceuticals; Source control of hazardous dust and fumes
  • Fully centralised utilising powerful but energy saving designs
  • Dry filtration systems from 100m3/hr up to 100,000m3/hr for dust control
  • Full range of filter units inc Bag, Cartridge and HEPA
  • Carbon adsorption for odour control
  • Oil Mist units for reducing machine tool emissions
  • Wet Scrubbers for toxic emission control
  • Weighing and Dispensing Stations
  • Welding Benches and Booths
  • Cyclonic Filters for swarf control