Spectrum Air Systems
Specialist Air Systems


Spectrum are a specialist air systems company utilising over 45 years experience within the dry process waste handling and environmental control industry. With installations now operational throughout the U.K and Europe, we supply individual components through to turnkey projects.

Waste Extraction   Dust and Fume Control   Vacuum Cleaning   Industrial Ventilation

Professional engineers dedicated to the industry provide a high level of expertise.

This begins with an initial appraisal of you requirements by a qualified engineer followed by the preparation of a dedicated solution and finally by the installation of a complete Spectrum system by time served engineering fitters.

In a competitive world, Spectrum knows its commitment to the industry can only be maintained with working solutions that are cost effective. This is achieved by utilising the latest AutoCAD design and manufacturing techniques. The resulting system operate to specification, day in, day out at an affordable cost.

The fields of Dry Process Waste Handling and Environmental Control are highly specialised whilst at first glance the technology may appear simple enough, in reality the skills needed to provide the ultimate system come from experience.

Our systems cannot be obtained from the text book. You will find that as Spectrum specialise exclusively in these fields we have the background and ability to out perform the establishment.

Spectrum also looks for the answer which will offer the customer a long term benefit and not just a 'quick fix' solution.

In offering personalised solutions, Spectrum seeks to build a partnership which can develop and grow well into the future, maintaining our philosopy of putting your company first.