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Spectrum are a specialist air systems company focused on the dry process waste handling and environmental control requirements of the Aerospace, Carton, Paper, Corrugated, Plastic Film, Canning, Print and Tissue Industries etc.

Waste Extraction   Dust and Fume Control   Vacuum Cleaning   Industrial Ventilation
Waste Extraction
Dust and Fume Control

All Spectrums’ systems are designed to ensure maximum output and hence maximum production is maintained from a wide variety of industrial, waste generating processes.

Our Waste Extraction systems combine many disciplines such as material conveying, air/product separation, dust filtration and volume reduction. All leading to the ultimate control of production waste management.

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As specialists in Fume and Dust extraction within the workplace, we offer an exceptional, tailor made service from initial design stage through to installation and after sales service.

Systems include localised fume extraction from individual work stations through to dust control of complete process manufacturing lines.

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Today more and more companies rely upon Vacuum Cleaning systems to maintain high levels of cleanliness within the workplace. With the aim of improving productivity and maintaining a healthier environment for their employee’s.

Spectrums professionally designed and installed systems range from single point to multipoint operation using high efficiency, multistage exhausters to convey the collected waste materials over to a central collection point ready for disposal.

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Providing well ventilated work places to cooling of vital production machinery. Spectrum designs and installs systems for a wide range of manufacturing and process industries.

From simple localised ‘hot spot’ cooling to full, energy efficient, factory temperature control.

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